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Inn. = Inning in which the Home Run was hit.

Sp. = Spot where the ball landed.

Min. = Minimum estimated distance (a worst case scenario estimate within in a plausible range – yet it’s unlikely in most cases

Max. = Maximum estimated distance (a best case scenario estimate within a range we consider likely)

Est. = Estimate of where we think the ball would most likely have landed if left unobstructed.

Angle = Direction of where the HR landed in relation to the field. 135° is the left field foul pole and 45° is the right field foul pole.

Conf. = Confidence of the estimation as a whole. The scoring system is explained below:

0 = No confidence. No idea really. Just a big guess.
1 = Very little confidence. Almost no information given. Take this with a grain of salt.
2 = Little confidence. More information available, but not by much. I still wouldn’t bet money on it.
3 = Average confidence. Confident enough that at least something about the estimate is likely to be close.
4 = Good confidence. Just a little bit of extra information, but it helps. Probably worth betting on at least one aspect of the HR.
5 = Great confidence. Everything is pretty much ideal for making as good as an estimate I can.
6 = Either at or very near 100% confidence. The ball landed on flat ground with a clear reference to measure it’s distance. If all HR’s were like this, you wouldn’t need this site.